Offering Canoe and Kayak trips/transportation. Biking on the Perkiomen trail. Also offering Stand-Up paddleboarding (SUP).

OPEN HOURS FRIDAY 3-8, SATURDAY 9-8 & SUNDAY 9-7. MON -THUR TRIPS MAY be scheduled if available.

CALL KYLE 484-686-6877 Questions



  1. What is the Perkiomen Creek like?


The Perkiomen Creek is a class 1 waterway. What that means is that the water is very calm, slow, and meandering. There are light rapids throughout the trip but, overall, the Perkiomen is a nice easy paced river perfect for novices or a relaxing ride for the more experienced person. The average depth of the Perkiomen  is about 3 feet. But ranges from a few inches to  over 6 feet depending where you are. In most cases if you flip you can stand up afterwards.


The level of the water is very dependent on the amount of precipitation the area has had.


   2. Are there guides for the trips?


No we do not send guides out with you for the basic trips. Our trained staff will explain the course for you and point out key features along the course of your trip. We will even give you basic canoeing/kayaking course before sending you on your way.

Guided trips can be provided by reservation but these are not the norm.

   3. Is the water wet?

Yes the water is wet.It is also a natural waterway, which means when the water contacts dirt you get mud. Nice gushy mud that likes to slink between your toes. There are also rocks and trees along the way. And because it is a natural waterway you will most likely come into contact with some wildlife. From fish to deer, turtles to birds, the animals are out there. Enjoy the sight of them as you float along. Just remember respect the wildlife and the wildlife will respect you.

   4. Can we bring food and drinks on the trip?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring food, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages with you on your trip. Small coolers (6 quarts) are the recommended size. Larger coolers (greater than 6 quart) are prohibited. NO GLASS CONTAINERS PLEASE.

All litter must be kept with you throughout the trip and can be disposed at our company.

Alcohol is not permitted on trips and will not be tolerated on the company property. Pennsylvania law prohibits watercraft operation while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. Alcohol and controlled substances are strictly prohibited in our parking lot, picnic areas and water crafts.

5. Can our dog come with us?


Yes, pets are welcome to join you on canoe trips only. You must be able to keep positive control of your pet as your trip meanders through private property and wildlife preserves. Also keep in mind that your trip is transported in vehicles meant to carry several groups at once. Your pet needs to be able to get along with other people and animals.

  6.Can I bring my own canoe or kayak on one of your trips?

Yes you can. We charge $20 per canoe or kayak. We will transport you to any trip locations (according to our normal trip schedule). You will need to make a reservation a few days in advance.

  7.What is the refund policy for trips?

Weather conditions for outdoor activities change constantly throughout the day. We try to make reasonable predictions on weather conditions every morning at 8am, before trips are scheduled to depart. However, during the course of the day before our 5pm closing time, numerous changes may occur in local weather conditions that we simply cannot predict. Therefore, the policy at Wilderness Canoe Trips is NOT TO OFFER REFUNDS due to weather conditions during your outdoor activity. Keep in mind though, that we do not accept payment for any trip until the day of nor do we require deposits. Therefore, you have the ability to make cancellations at your discretion. WE will always try to reschedule your trip if it needs to be cancelled.


  8.Can I bring my own PFD?

Yes as long as it is US Coast Guard approved.


  9.What is considered secure and appropriate footwear?


Appropriate footwear would include old sneakers, Tevas, Keens, Crocs, watershoes, and anything similar.  The shoes must have some sort of strap or fastener to hold them on your feet. NO FLIP FLOPS OR BARE FEET!

  10. What does Portage mean?

Portaging means to carry your craft around an obstruction in the river.  You must remove your boat from the water and lift it around any dams or other blockages.

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