In recognized floodplain areas within the campground further known as Cabin Craft Campground, this flood evacuation plan willl act as a guidance to effectively engage in evacuation proceedings to protect human life, health, and to minimize property damages and economic losses during flood siutations.


Flood Evacuation Process - Park Responsibilities


1.        When threatening weather results in potential flooding, the management will designate a point person(s) to monitor the

           weather conditions by folloiwng the national weather service and flood levels through the agencies listed below.


            a.     National Weather Service and/or The Weather Channel - www.weather.com


            b.     National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) webiste monitoring the Perkiomen Creek at the

                    Graterford location - http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=phi&gage=grap1


2.         When flooding is eminent in the campground, the management will contact all persons occupying the affected sites

            and overnight campers.  Management may coordinate those efforts with volunteer members.  Warnings and Alerts

            shall be sent to those campers expected to be effected as early as possible with postings located at the registration



3.         Follow posted evacuation orders at all times an routes will be given and posted with appropriate signage.


4.         Updates will be provied to the Cabin Craft Campground website and also on the facebook page.


5.         Once a flood emergency has been declared, no sites/units in the area can be used for overnight camping.


6.         The management will deem when it is safe to return to the flooded area.  This will be based on the National Weather

            Service reports and any local authority direction.


7.         The Campground will comply with all local and state regulations.


8.         Refer to Site Map for specific routes to be used for emergency evacuation.


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